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Oh Thank Heaven

7-Eleven is at it again

Partnered with The Onion













ain’t this country grand?

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LOL ok but DAYUM!!




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1. Win a buncha US Opens and Wimbletons and Grand Slams and whatnot.

2. Have a sister pretty much as awesome as you are.

3. Be the most amazing female tennis player of All Time.

4. Win Wimbleton (again) right before hopping on over to the 2012 Olympics.

5. Completely skunk the competition and come away with a Gold Medal and…


errbody dancing so get over it already

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Oh gosh ok so I totally cracked up when I found out our USA Olympic Team uniforms are made in China. Everyone seemed so surprised and upset. I’m not sure what world they thought they were living in, really people. Just about every damn thing in my apartment (and I’m sure your house too) sports the Made In China label from most of my clothes, electronics, widgets and doohickeys to the keyboard I’m typing this blog post on. As a consumer if I was actually interested in buying only Made In America stuff: I’d be hard pressed to find any. Hence me cracking up at everyone having conniption fits over our US unis. And really, shouldn’t they have done their homework before signing up Ralph Lauren? Just where do you think all of our main American top designers get their stuff manufactured at?? China China China. Wake up and smell the ginseng already.

The only thing I agree on is that the style of the uniforms are FUGLEE. And we really need to not ever again bust out with berets. Its just not us. Baseball cap or sporty Kangol or even a fedora straight out of Smooth Criminal: SOMETHING! Personally speaking I love berets. And I’m a francophile to the max but berets are just not representative of America, they just aren’t. I just hope the sweat suits and other competition wear look better.


That tweet that sent an Olympic athlete home.

Was it racist? Really I’m way too tired to tell. It was in poor taste that much I’m sure of. And I do know that chica was unrepentant of said poor taste up until she figured out she was going to get booted off her team. Then the eloquent apologies started up. Not exactly making points for having good character, racism or no.

Here’s some of my thinking on the subject. I think that po chile done forgot where she was for a sec and thought she could continue on as per usual. Many are saying her punishment was too harsh. Again, I’m way too tired to try and sort that out. I think she backed the Greek Olympic committee into a corner, and whether or not they felt otherwise, I think they ended up having no choice but to send her packing.

I also think that if her Olympic journey had meant so much to her, she’d have been putting her nose to the grindstone and concentrating on her athletics and not sitting around tweeting whatever popped into her head. The second she made it onto her country’s team she was no longer “just herself” and should have been adult enough or smart enough or whatever enough to realize that she needed to adjust her behavior accordingly.

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Gemstone: Aquamarine

Women’s History Month

National Nutrition Month

Flower: Daffodil


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Gothic Tale of Horror


I lie as if on my deathbed
Their individual
Yet terribly insistent
Pressing down on me

They lie against my torso
Pushing the breath from my lungs
Abusing my ribcage
Like their own personal harpsichord

Like demons, nay succubi
As I slumber they perch
Apon my breast
And feast on my dreaming exhalations

A wiggle of a toe
Brings needle pain
Sharpened fang and promise
Of the bloodied claw?

They covet the coverlet
Demolish the duvet
And engage in nefarious
Across my pillows

Tormented yet bound
I cannot move
To displace them

I cannot for I love them

So as the yawning tunnel
Of the night
Endlessly streams forth
I lie there


Beneath cats.


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Funny Sometimes how things go together. How signposts serve to tell you that you’re on the right path. Or the wrong one.

Where the heck have I been and what have I been doing these past six months?

Funny Sometimes how I’m so not going to relive the past six months for ya! Suffice it to say its not been especially pretty.

I’ve decided to write today because I’ve very tired and Teh Kitteh Catz did the Stomp On Momma’s Head To Wake Her Up At The Crack Of Dawn thing and I figured why not?

So I’ve updated a few things, approved some comments and I’m gonna include a mini-rant here today to kick off a New Page I’ve added to this site.

Mini-Rant: How Netflix Nearly Killed Itself

Some of you may know I’m a huge Netflix fan. I mean really – what’s not to love for the agoraphobic recluse? Movies streaming right here on my computer stream and DVDs sent right to my mailbox in those fabu signature Red Netflix Envelopes. (I swear I’ve developed a Pavlovian Response whenever I see em in my mailbox hahaha!)

I love movies. I say that like I’m the only one on the Planet who loves movies. But its true: I love them the way I love books. And Fam and Friends will understand exactly what I mean by that. However,  I rarely see movies when they come out in the theaters – I’ve tossed my cable TV, the place I would usually see ads for up and coming flicks. So basically I got no clue really. But that’s neither here nor there. At least for the rant at hand.


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Yes They DID


One Baddie Dictator Out,

(na na na na, na na na na, hey hey GOODBYE)

LOTS of Freedom: IN


Here’s hoping!

Good Luck Egypt, and Congrats!!!

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Happy Bday Pac-Man!

The game that some of us know and love from way back in the day turns 30 today!

How do I know this?

Go to Google.com and see for yaself LOL

You can also play pacman (omfg for FREE!) all day there.

Leave it to Google to make me grin and feel all giggly inside when as of late the clouds on my horizon have been gray and full of storms.

Lets see if I can remember the name of the ghosts without googling (ha!) for em:

Inky Blinky Stinky Pinky?

Pinky Blinky Inky and Bob?

haha well have a great day everyone :)


Nother light at the end of my not so happy camper tunnel: Teh Parental Units are comin to my neck of the woods for a visit next week.


Looking forward to that: MUCHLY I can tell you that fer sher :D


Hello and howdy to my readers from: India (!), Hong Kong, Germany, France, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic.

Not to take away from you all in the US and UK: but I Know Who YOU Are already ;)p

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Word Crazynezz

As you know I consider myself a Wordsmith. My definition of that is someone who loves words, the meaning of words, using words, crafting stories with words etc.

I also have “lists” of words that I love and lists of words that I love: notsomuch.

Before I started school again, I knew I would come across many of the words on my notsomuch list. And well I was RIGHT.


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Oh Holy Night


I have mercy on your ears… Here is Pavarotti to make it all better :D

See this is what happens when Los Gatos waketh me up at the crack of the crack of dawn ;)

Happy Holy-Days!

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Crackie McCrack Goes Too Far

I’ve kept my silence through all of Crackie’s drug induced natterings. But today he just went to far and I had to write SOMETHING.

Oh who is Crackie McCrack you ask? Well since I have a rule not to speak or write his name lemme describe him for ya:


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I Blame Obama

For the first time since I moved to the Zona 6 years ago, I got pulled over by the cops.

Yah, I know.


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