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Feeling Better Now

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What She Said

Despite my (unfortunately usual) heavy dose of meds – some of them supposed to help me sleep too – I woke up 3:30am-ish (about an hour ago) struggling up out of a nightmare I can’t quite remember (thankfully) but now destined to not be able to fall back asleep.

Welcome to my world. This sort of thing happens a lot. Especially when I’m under any kind of stress. Which is like almost always these days.

So while I’m forced to think deep about my life, the world and the future in this still of the night, I thought it would be nice to make you do the same too.


I can’t understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney
-Madeleine Albright

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

In this post right here I talk about being a feminist from the word go. But you see, its not even about that anymore. If you are a human being and you have even an ounce of compassion for fellow human beings: can you not see what is happening?

I had wondered as I traversed my path to and through adulthood if there ever was going to come a time when we as human beings would have enough of the status quo.

This woman Right Here had enough.

What has gone on in the past and in the present is not anywhere near enough and indeed has not worked. I cried out for men to step up and start teaching, for White people to step up and start teaching. We the so-called minorities have been teaching and teaching and teaching and it is clearly Not Enough.


If you are still stuck on “my team must win” when it comes to Election 2012 then you are woefully behind the times. It isn’t about teams and the color blue or red. It is about us staking a claim for our human-ness and our innate compassion for humanity.

I believe in the inherent goodness of human kind. There are some who believe the opposite. That we are base creatures and our basic nature is to destroy, divide and to conquer everything and anything.

I say once we evolved intellect, intelligence and became thinking and reasoning beings: we lost our right to behave as if we had none of that. You might notice that I’ve been very careful to avoid using words like “animal” and “reptile brain” and all that.

In this day and age we could take some lessons from animals on certain behaviors and you know what I’m talking about and you know this is true.


When you go to vote on Election Day you need to take a stand. Take a stand for your mother, your grandmother and all the women in your family. For your sister, your niece, for your daughter for the women who are coming in the future.

And you must also do it for males as well. Just as slavery in this country devastated the Black people under its yoke; it also ruined and wrecked those who owned slaves and benefited from that institution. While there might have been financial and class and economic gains what matters any of that when you’ve lost your soul? Women under the yoke devastates us, and the males that benefit from our oppression powerlessness – look to your souls.

How power corrupts!

How am I even alive right now drawing breath?

To see that people to this day do not understand that I am a human being. That I am a person. That I am just the same as you.

Have you lived as an alien on this planet? Have you been rendered invisible? Have you been screaming into the hurricane winds and nobody hears even a whisper?

How these things fracture our society and make a mockery of our moniker “The United States” when the majority of its citizens (there are 4.8 million MORE females than males in the USA) are under siege and are still being denied the same basic equal and human rights as the rest of the citizens.

And you want to make the leader of our broken lands someone who will not only continue the status quo but actively work against all the strides forward we have already made, and work actively to tear down anyone and anything that wants those rights or gets in the way.


I wonder how things will be in a few short months.

I wonder just what it might take for Americans to see the truth in the world.

These are the same Americans – democrats and republicans alike – who fell hook line and sinker for the stories Bush told after 9/11. And many oh so many way too many families have paid for those stories with the blood of their children.

I think Romney is counting on all of those Americans. Counting on them to close their eyes, ears and hearts to that inner voice that clearly and always states what is right and what is wrong and rings the bell of basic human decency.

I’m counting on those Americans to have wised up some. To have opened their hearts, minds, ears and eyes in the interim. To have seen the truth finally and to have understood that higher and deeper things are at stake than just winning an election or having your team win.

If it turns out I’m living in a world that continues to keep itself blind to what is right and what is good – then I’m hitching a ride on the next mission to Mars.

I’m out.

That Being Said…

Our own DNC is looming on the horizon.

We’ll have our share of oops moments too I’m sure.

Like I’ve said before: Lesser of Two Evils. Sometimes it comes down to just that.

Now I know we’ve enjoyed the historical (and faboo I might add) presence of having a Beautiful Black First Family for four years, buuuut the Dems are still a bastion of older White males – so stuff isn’t going to always be comfy for me.

But dang ok see this right here??

Go ahead and read it. I’ll post the first paragraph to get you on your way:

“Fresh from giving the leading prayer at the Republican National Convention, Cardinal Timothy Dolan will also be giving the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention. Given Dolan’s record though, which includes staunch anti-women’s choice positions and allegations that he paid off sexual abusers in the clergy, should he really be on the bill at all?”

Yeah. I have that question too. First of all why go catholic in the first place? (I have personal issues with catholics already) but still – Aren’t the Obama’s Lutheran or something? Or why THAT particular dude? I’m sure there are a few progressive cardinals out there if you simply must.

Well its TOO LATE now cuz kicking homeboy to the curb at this late date would have all sorts of political headaches happening. Big mistake to have had him on the roster in the first place. Like I said. The lesser of two evils. My Dems certainly aren’t perfect, but they aren’t actively waging war on my gender and race neever. So I just deal. But STILL! Wasn’t there a Buddhist Monk available? SOMEONE?? Anyone??


I had a rant about the catholic church scheduled for right here but I think I won’t. I was raised a Quaker and because or that I have a healthy dose of religious tolerance.


The second that whole thing broke about the child abuse, the cover ups, the moving priests around without reprimand or facing justice: my tolerance went straight out the window. (And now this ish about the kids seducing their abusers???)

You hurt kids you don’t get one ounce of tolerance from ME. What that whole thing showed was that there was a knowledge of that “sort of thing happening” and the reason why I know this is because of the system set up and in place to “deal with” the priests who get caught.

/end mini rant I just can’t go on. My upbringing bone is hurting and my Buddhist karmic sensibility is getting a cramp.

Preaching To The Choir

Far as I know most if not all of my (chronic) readers are registered Democrats who vote early and every time.



Just in case there are some who swing by on a visit from somewhere else and/or who are not:

Faux News Gets Legit on Ryan

(I’m calling this an historical moment. The day FN gets tired of gleefully reporting and supporting the bullshit and lies from the GOP and friends)

Auto Bailout Callout

Even MO truth mongering – I just can’t get ENUFF!

The TRUE Story of Mitt & Bain

I rest my case

Thanks for these links – you amazing crazies over at OHN blog :) loove yew!


Now I wasn’t going to GET INTO IT aside from my I’m Voting For Obama Post, but you know me when something needs to be said – I gotta say it.

And if you’ve been keeping tabs on my LOTD page I’ve been expressing myself there a bit on certain aspects of political shenanigans going on.

The way I see things now is that this presidential race isn’t about any of the issues held near and dear to Americans of either (any) party. You know, stuff like jobs and the economy, foreign policy, weaning ourselves from foreign oil and oil in general, health care, war and peace, education, taxes and you can fill in the rest of the stuff that’s important to YOU.

It has come down to one thing and one thing only and damn the consequences for America and how we are viewed by and our place in the global community:

Do you or do you not want a Black man in the White House?

Yep thas IT.

Damn crying shame.


Now, visitor from elsewhere, I want to let you know a few things should you be falling prey to these lies and dog whistles of fear emanating from the GOP:

1. These are not just ANY sort of White Guys. These sort of guys you prolly never met nor will ever meet – because the circles they run in? Well lets just say it takes a wee bit more than white skin to gain entrance. Try on something green instead. Multi-millions of green and even billions. They don’t know about you (or care to know about you) and the other average Americans just trying to get by and maybe even grab a slice of that pie. Also Mitt still has NOT (and by all accounts won’t never) released all his tax records. He seems to consider himself above all that. Tho he seems to really like to see documentation on his opponent…

2. They’d love to reel things back to waaaay before the suffragettes were rattling the chains around the voting booths. Are you a woman? Heaven help you if their Grand View Of The Shining City comes to pass. Go pick up a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale, read it, and get back to me.

3. They are indifferent to and at times actively hate: Any People of Color, women, disabled folk, poor people, the middle class (what’s left of it post-Bush era), children, smart (read educated) people, old people and anything and anyone LGBTesque.

Basically, you cannot this time around pick and choose. You take the whole package or you leave it. You can switch parties. You can (I think) be registered in one party and vote the other. Whatevs. Just be aware of what you are actually voting for. I can only pray the scales fall from your eyes.


I would also like to put a shoutout to those reporting the news on this election. From some of the vids I’ve seen on broadcasts (yep I cut the cord loooong ago) Something has been bothering me to NO END.

WTF is all this “Mr. Obama” crap?? It is PRESIDENT Obama thank you very MUCH! I keenly remember 4 years ago post-election (pre-cord cutting) when news heads would giggle a bit when they oopsied still calling him Mr. Obama and would correct themselves and call him President Obama.

This reversal ain’t cute. He is THE PRESIDENT and that is how he should be addressed. And don’t you know in this country once you’ve already been a president you are still referred to as Mr. President. so ummm??????

Aaaand lastly to any Black Republicans (still??) out there: derrrf?? whaa?? Get a CLUE like real quick.


Some thoughts if you think you need to get out there and help things along. (yes we DO need to) While I have a lot of confidence in thinking people making rational decisions based on true information – Since this election is not about thinking or anything rational: we may just have to pull out all the stops like we did last time. It’s not too late.

Find Your Local Dem Field Office Here: Take Action!


Race itself is a figment. Its some sort of irrational thing that was thought up out of nothing. (primarily to be used as an aid in the subjugation of one people over another). There is no biological or scientific evidence or reference for race. Even my anthropology (historically one of the most racist fields of study) books dedicated chapters to the scientific impossibility of race. Cracks me up when you look up race on the wikipedia. Its always in the context of subjugation and control. (like I said) And they try very hard not to say that it is actually indeed a figment. There is only one race on this planet: The HUMAN race.

I hope one day we’ll all get over it. But I don’t see that day coming any closer what with all these shenanigans going on. Oh WELL. Just don’t wet that big scawy bwack man in the oval office scare ya ok? lol geez.

Oh NO Nina: I’m So Sorry

I’m going to try to express myself coherently. I really am. But ever since I heard that Zoe Saldana was chosen to play the High Priestess of Soul herself Nina Simone…I’ve been alternating between speechlessness and incoherent frothing at the mouth. (Not to mention the hysterical mind-crying sessions we won’t go into right now).

No no no no no no no NO! I just have to BREAK DOWN and LET IT ALL OUT right now, I really do, tho.

Just so you know. There is no disrespect to Zoe’s acting skills or anything like that. I’m also a fan and I loved her in Colombiana and whatsnot. It isn’t about THAT for heaven’s sake!

What this is about is Hollywhite doing its THING again and in the process just making me crazy and wanting to say what I want to say but I find that I’m just UNABLE.

Cute as a button but NO darlin, Just NO.


Originally they had Mary J. Blige up for the job, but that didn’t work out. Despite Mary’s propensity for “going blonde” alla dang time, I wouldn’t have minded that choice as much. Ok actually I WOULD have minded just as much. See Zoe is the “IT” girl right now, just as Halle Berry was in her heyday – the Black Woman of Choice Hollywhite picks – like we are interchangeable and substitute-able and it just doesn’t MATTER.

But it DOES matter. And it also matters that when they got around to attempting to immortalize such a legendary singer and cultural influence like Nina Simone – they chose to go the unauthorized bio-pic angle. Which of course allows them to not only do things like white-wash her image but choose to de-gay-ify (the character/role) of her close friend and nurse  Clifton Henderson. Oh NO they di’int! Oh yes they DID.


CLICK HERE for the online petition to have the producers of this movie reconsider their casting choices. As you can see from the comments not only on the petition but on many of the links here on this post, it goes much deeper than just light skin vs dark skin. Here are some examples:
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How To Speak Jamaican




LOL ok but DAYUM!!



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1. Win a buncha US Opens and Wimbletons and Grand Slams and whatnot.

2. Have a sister pretty much as awesome as you are.

3. Be the most amazing female tennis player of All Time.

4. Win Wimbleton (again) right before hopping on over to the 2012 Olympics.

5. Completely skunk the competition and come away with a Gold Medal and…


errbody dancing so get over it already

Gabby Gets the Gold!


I’m so happy and PROUD I just can’t STAND it!!! I’ll let Gabby do the hip hip hoooray split leap I was doing in my head as I was jumping up and down and screaming and yelling and clapping OMG!! YAYYY!!!

Gabby’s final score for the Gold: 62.232

Silver to Komova: 61.973

Bronze to Mustifina: 59.66

(after a tie-breaker with Gabby’s teammate Aly Raisman. boohoo ok I want to know how that worked out, I’ll update here if/when I do find out). [OK update on the tie-breaker] The Russian won the bronze because the tie-breaker combines their top three scores of the day. Her 16.1 on the uneven bars to Raisman’s 14.333 made the the difference.

Gabby WON!!! Just plain FABulussss!! And this coming after putting in such a strong and beautiful performance to help Team USA snag on the Team Gold:

I’m just so thrilled and excited and I was pushing and pushing and pushing with my brain and my thoughts and my prayers and all my VIBE for Gabby to grab that individual all-around GOLD the second I heard she made the team.

And OMG and she DID IT!!!

I just hope there will be scores and scores of little Black girls hopping up on that beam and wishing and dreaming and getting totally INSPIRED by what Gabby has done today.

And done with authority and talent and a beautiful fierceness and determination. She set the tone with her vault and put herself in the lead and never looked back.

Congrats Gabby!! WTG!!!

I’m Not Surprised

Although I’m not surprised this happened, I’m still rendered speechless by it and I can’t formulate a coherent response right now. However since I’m slightly late to the conversation at hand, plenty others have been able to speak on this for me – and quite eloquently I might add.

Last month on July 23rd to be exact Kevin Roose in an article for NY Mag titled “Dumb Money: Exposing Silicon Valley’s Stupidest Investments“, had this to say as a kick off intro for his article:

“Some of tech’s clunkers never get off the ground, but others manage to get big, high-profile investments despite having no redeeming qualities whatsoever. (For example, what kind of genius decided to throw $1.2 million at NaturallyCurly, the ‘leading social network and community for people with wavy, curly and kinky hair?’)

Ooopsies My Dear. In case you are wondering Kevin is a white male. I can’t tell you what was going through his mind when he decided to call out NaturallyCurly as an example of a stupid investment. I also think he wasn’t expecting the backlash he did get as evidenced by his “updated” article to include some sort of explanation at the end. Looks like he still has no clue.

The response to his article from BlackGirlLongHair.com includes a rebuttal response from TextureMedia (the company that runs NaturallyCurly.com) CEO Crista Bailey which she says in part (trying no doubt to school Kevin):

“As the straight-haired CEO of TextureMedia, parent company of NaturallyCurly, I thought I would share a few facts about the size and engagement of this market. The first is that approximately 60% of the world has textured hair (waves, curls and coils). That’s a lot of people — close to 80 million textured hair females 18+ in the US alone.

Combined with other brands in the TextureMedia portfolio, NaturallyCurly serves close to 2 million unique visitors every month who appreciate having an engaged community platform to share and learn more about products, stylists, photos, trends, hair health and more.

Women with textured hair spend 3x more on average than their straight-haired peers.”

Poor Kevin shoulda done his homework.

The response to his article from MadameNoir.com says it best I think. Especially the blurb included from Racialicious.com:

“Roose’s thoughtless (and factless) comments illuminate some of the problems in Silicon Valley, namely that the space is controlled by people who are fairly myopic. If this market isn’t something they understand or participate in, it doesn’t exist. And these kinds of perceptions create an environment in the marketplace that disadvantages minority/women fronted businesses seeking investment to create products for their communities.

There is an ignorance around the actual needs, size, and profitability of markets outside of the usual scope. This, on its own, is not a problem – CEOs and Founders can educate investors as to the opportunity and the potential.

But these casual disses and incorrect assumptions poison the well – one would hope that investors aren’t influenced by bad reporting, but these perceptions create a climate where businesses aimed at markets that are not white males are automatically marginalized before they even step into the room.

Worse still, most of these folks will never bother to check and see that their assumptions are wrong. And they will never fully understand why the atmosphere in Silicon Valley doesn’t change.”


Ok maybe now I can toss in my two cents without frothing at the mouth and passing out from sheer blind anger. At least I’ll give it a try.
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Hey Soul Sister

Sometimes I just ruin everything for myself because I’m so goshdarn web savvy and inquisitive and I just have to KNOW everything about everything.

You’ve probably heard that song Hey, Soul Sister by that band Train. When I first heard it burbling out of my car radio I thought awww how cute izzat? Sounds like a Nerdy White Boy Band singing about well.. ME! (Nerdy you say? How so? Well cuz just who tosses in a ukulele into their song? its fabulous! But a tad nerdy all the same IMHO).

So I came to love this song and well just in case you thought I was being silly, the lyrics really do sound like they are uttering a paean to Black women. Some might find that offensive or just a tad racist/fetishist – but I thought the whole thing was utterly adorkable and really you can only bliss out to Drop It Like Its Hot for just so long.

Hey soul sister 
Ain’t that mister mister 
On the radio stereo 
The way you move aint fair you know 
Hey soul sister 
I don’t want to miss 
A single thing you do 

The way you can cut a rug 
Watching you is the only drug I need 
You’re so gangster I’m so thug 
You’re the only one I’m dreaming of 
You see, I can be myself now finally 
In fact there’s nothing I can’t be 
I want the world to see you’ll be with me 

Awwww so cute! So here comes the ruin it for myself part. I just had to google up the song and find out if for real they were singing about well, you know, ME.

Turns out: NOT!
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For Dad

Guess who’s a Tusconan?

Check It Out! He manages to do what I canNOT – run around out here in the sweltering Summer heat of the desert hehe!

This guy is going to run forever it seems! This will be his fourth Olympics :)

Bernard Lagat: Going for GOLD!


I really like it when Kenyan runners join up with Team USA. Makes for guilt-free cheering on! I used to feel a little bit bad when I knew I wasn’t going to be cheering exclusively for USA – but now really I’m (mostly) over it. I tend to go with whoever my favorite athletes are no matter who’s team they happen to be on.

Case in point. I always cheer for Brasil when it comes to male soccer, but stick to the USA when the women are playing. I’m a die hard Usain Bolt fan so go Jamaica GO! Naturally I’m all-the-way USA when it comes to women’s gymnastics, but I tend to root for the Russians in rhythmic gymnastics. (they are poetry in motion makes me think of Russian ballet) Swimming? USA all the way!

Here’s lookin at you, Bernard: Go Go GO!

This Is What I Saw

Some of you might have seen a US president hopeful stumbling, bumbling and gaffing his way all over London recently. First of all, why was he even there? NPR asked the same question earlier today. Some people have even wondered out loud if this person is a sociopath. The diagnosis on that character might even be worse than that. But to me, none of that matters. This is what I saw:

I saw a person who was behaving as if his election to the presidency of the United States was already in the bag. Was a done deal. He therefore doesn’t have to act with any sense of decorum, humility or dignity because in his mind the next time he stops by the joint he’ll be the leader of the free world and what that means to him is that nothing he does or says right now will matter then anyway.

And why would someone have that much swag anyway? Enough to run a heavily edited video with his bought and paid for audience members making it look like the Black community was wholesale in his court and was going to support him and vote for him all the way? I’ll tell you why he’s walking around foreign arenas (in the first place) without a natural born care in the world to what comes out of his mouth:
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Go Lia Go!

The fantabulous Lia Neal gettin her game face ON! She has swam her way to London making her the second African-American female swimmer to make it to the Olympics like EVAR. You GO Girl!

I can’t remember the last time I was in a pool but hey I’ve got swimming ribbons, medals and trophies from when I was in the 5 years old and under age group all the way to high school (when I quit swimming competitively for good after freshman year). I even had a Michael Phelpsian type breakdown before eventually going on to win a place on the Kenyan National Swim Team. That is one of the things I’ve done in my life that I’m the most proudest of. As an expat you not only had to have the best time, but you had to beat out the national contender in your age group by a mile in order to be chosen. Hard thing to do, but I did that amazing thing when I was barely 13 years old!
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Go Gabby Go!

The fabulous Gabrielle Douglas! I’m so excited she edged her way into the top spot during the Olympic Trials! She looks great up there on that balance beam. Hmm the last time I was on the beam was somewhere in 1985 having chose that event to finish up my final to get my P.E. credit. I did good! I didn’t fall and I got an A for the course. Mind you I wasn’t doing anything olympicish – just some split leaps, pirouettes, cartweels and a roundoff for my dismount. But I do know what its like up there and those few feet can seem like you’re balancing over a chasm!
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