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I wish my first post of the New Year could be a different one. It seems that current and local events have thwarted that. I suppose I guess thats what I get for procrastinating. But then again, I’d still be writing this post anyways.

I thought my self well escaped when I narrowly missed having “The Governator” preside over my State when I ditched Cali for AZ. For some years although personally harrowing, the political scene was not much to write home about. (Not that I had my finger on its pulse or anything, but you know).

Then Barack said he was running for President, and I turned into a CNN-addict, and began to see some hope on my previously agnostic horizons. I tell you, I literally CRIED when Dubya stole his 2nd term in office. Tucson is a Democrat Town, no matter what the color of the state, and I was fooled into thinking there was Hope.

But THIS time, I dared again and I started to become more aware of all sorts of things going on. California is a border state, like Arizona, yet there is a big difference. My brush with Mexico was contemplating a few times during college going to Spring Break in Porto Vallarta. (I never did, it just seemed an awful idea.)

My first few months here I strolled over the border with my best friend J to celebrate my birthday weekend in the cute (exept for that horrid WALL right thru it) town of Nogales, Mexico. Its much closer, and consequently AZ came into national focus with what I call The Lets Pull Over The Brown People Law And Ask Them For Papers Like It Was Apartheid. Oops how embarassing!

Now its freaking me out to have this lil one-horse town’s name on everyone’s lips and top of the hour discussions on CNN. I’ve since calmed myself down from my 24-7 CNN watching – I ditched my cable TV – and I listen to it streaming over the internet now, from time to time.

One of those times was the memorial service that took place just up the road at the U of A. Barack was there and spoke. I listened to his words, and I mourned for more than those that had died. My heart was lifted at the news that Gabby opened her eyes, and seems to be improving.

I’ve been wishing, hoping and trying (sort of) to pull myself up with my bootstraps and keep moving East to New Mexico. I dont think I’ve ever been embarassed to live in a particular State before. I mean really. I’ve been a California Girl, and then I was hanging in AZ, and now I’m re-girding my loins to ditch out of her to NM – Finally. I have no clue WHEN that will happen. I have about THREE huge things to take care of before I move anywhere – but it IS for sure high on my agenda.

I’m not naive enough to think that NM is going to be all roses, but I was happy to see in the past presidential election, they turned that state from republican to democrat – from the grassroots on up. Whatever happens, happens, and I get to use a catylizing moment in our nation to light a fire under my own butt. Why not? Whatever works.

Happy New Year, 2011 you started out with a bang indeed.

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Well I have to admire homedude for coming up with such an original (not!) gameplan. LOL! Mein Kampf much? Anyhoo. Let me paraphrase from his own words. I just listened to him being interviewed via Skype by CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

“Other countries have their own homogenous homelands, (he ticks of countries mostly Asian – mentions Japan as an example of a homogenous country with boilerplate nationist-socialist govt ideals) so I don’t see what all the fuss is about when I put across my own vision to see America as being the country for my visionary plan.”

During the years many of my friends have wondered why I don’t get all “het up” about the KKK, Ne0-Nazis and the like. Well as you can see, they sure don’t need my help in exposing themselves for what they are. I wonder if these people ever cracked open a history book in their lives.


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Super Earth Discovered

How cool is THIS?

Lazy posting today, so you can just click the links below and read all about it!


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QOTW: What Does The Al-Qaeda Want?

I been doing some thinking about this whole Obama scaling up the war in Afghanistan.


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Crackie McCrack Goes Too Far

I’ve kept my silence through all of Crackie’s drug induced natterings. But today he just went to far and I had to write SOMETHING.

Oh who is Crackie McCrack you ask? Well since I have a rule not to speak or write his name lemme describe him for ya:


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Happy Juneteenth!

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution yesterday apologizing for slavery, making way for a joint congressional resolution and the latest attempt by the federal government to take responsibility for 2 1/2 centuries of slavery.”

Apology accepted.

But wonders if this would have happened if Obama had not been elected…


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Where Is My Vote?


Seeing those signs being held high in the post-election protests in Tehran brought back a lot of the pain and confusion I felt 4 years ago after dubya got re-elected.

I wondered the same dang thing. Culturally, Americans don’t “take to the streets” unless its something seriously important. Like winning a basketball game or something. Ok I’m being cynical, but ever since the 60’s came and went, political protests in this country have always been too little, too late in my opinion.


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The shooting at the holocaust museum and the subsequent reactions have reverberated around the world and back again. I had some pretty strong feelings about it myself naturally; and I even chastized CNN for concentrating so much on the killer and notsomuch on the victim(s) and even the museum and what it stands for.

My buddy Rick Sanchez (who’s show on CNN coordinates nicely with my lunch hour) put forth the idea that we should at least focus a bit on the shooter, so that we could learn about what makes him tick, how he came to be able to do what he did etc whatever; I guess so we might educate ourselves?

Ok, no see. First of all. America has a pretty sick history with glorifying our bad guys. I just did not want to see this idjit getting equal press with the good guys. Especially because his life was initially saved by Black EMTs and though listed as being in critical condition, he just might pull through to reap the benefits of a higher public profile. I’m just sayin, like. When and where do we draw the line?


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Bo Obama Debut

Sasha and Malia finally have their promised pooch!

Bo is a six month old Portuguese water dog and watching him frolic with the First Family on CNN was a treat :)

Bo First Dog

Bo First Dog

 Awwwww ain’t he cute? Reminds of when we got Amanda the family dog and when I got my puppers. The Obamas have never had dog before so they all have their work cut out for them.

Now the First Family is complete :)

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AIG Whut??

Last year when I first heard about how badly AIG had fooked up and went begging to Washington for money (and got it) I was a bit peeved.

Now they are on Bailout Numero Quatro and since I’m a bit iffy on the tax paying thing anyway, I swear I just might not file this year. Cuz its “the taxpayers dinero” that’s going to pay these squidjits.


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This is my post in response to and as a reaction to watching CNN’s Black In America. I missed part of the first night, but was able to see all of the second. I’m glad that CNN decided to show this again, as I aparently missed it when it was shown last year, I guess.

Anyway I have to say most of the segments were pretty painful to watch. It isn’t a wonderful feeling to see people talking about experiences that echo those from my own life. So in order to help process those feelings and get them off my chest, I’m going to write, write, and write!

It may not be pretty, it may not be cohesive, it may not make sense to you, but hey that’s what blogs are for isn’t it? I get to have my say and you get to read it. Only if you wanna ;)


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I’m just saying, like.

Whether you’re a disgruntled Democrat or a rebellious Republican…

You must understand that Barack Hussein Obama is not messing around.

What he envisions for America will come true.

If you do not understand what I’m talking about, take a gander at this guy’s life story. This human being did not get to where he is by accident. Whatever he wants in his life: he gets.

Whatever he invisions for himself, his family, our nation: will come to fruition. Mark my words.

I’m calling it as I see it, and if it turns out I’m wrong, then I’ll own up to it.

But I’m not wrong.

And you will see.

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Building Blocks of Society

My jaw dropped when I checked twitter a few minutes ago. Literally dropped. Here’s the lovely emoticon I use for represent what my face looked like:


Bulging eyes, and lower jaw descending toward the floor. Yes.
This is what made me stare with disbelief at my computer screen:

Dead rodents in peanut butter plant lead to recall

I hadn’t really given too much thought what might have lead to the salmonela poisoning, but come to find out it was dead rats and other unmentionables just floored me. (see article if you haven’t already).

This got me to thinking. I had always wondered why we needed things like auto emissions laws, and so forth. You know those laws that guide manufacturers on the limits on how much pollution making stuff they can or cannot build into a car for example.

I’m sure there are laws that guide food making plants such as the one in question that are guidelines on cleanliness, safety and so on. I think those type of things are helpful. But I always wondered…


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Ze Bool Sheet

The Bank CEOs are getting grilled by Congress today. Good! And about dang time if you ask me. I’ve been listening in via CNN (mais bien sur!). And I’m again forced to struggle against my Pacifist upbringing and Buddhist training.


Pardon ma franglais but what fricken world are these guys living in? And I quote in so many words with my unique flair for the dramatic:

(in regards to buying that new corporate jet) “Um well I guess we just didn’t adjust to the new world. We wont actually buy the jet now. I’m like so sorry and stuff. We dint realize things had changed and peeps would be miffed if we bought a jet on their dime.”



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I’m totally confused. This Economic Stimulus Plan dealyo has got me all twisted. I’m sort of in the middle. On paper I’m a Democrat and have been since I first started voting. In my heart I’m more of a Green Partier or Independent. But after my father explained to me about our pretty much two-party system and the concept of “throwing away your vote”, I decided to register as a Dem.

What I’m in the middle is, the stuff (that I know about) that’s been put forward by both Dems and Reps to be included (or excluded) in the Plan. Some stuff makes sense to me, and some stuff doesn’t.

What scares me is how huge it is. But then I don’t know if stuff is actually broken down. For example. 8 billion for X-Thingie. Well I hope to Buddha somewhere in the Plan its broken down to show that X-Thingie actually needs 8 billion in order to go forward.

Sometimes it seems to me these figures are pulled out of thin air. But then I’m not an econimist, and I don’t have experience in tossing around billion and trillion dollar figures.

The main thing I care about is that the Plan does the following:

1. The creation of actual decent paying jobs
2. Jump start on infrastructure repair and development
3. Working on getting Green technology goin ON
4. Fix the housing industry (like, OMG)
5. Redo the credit reporting dealyo

Those are my top five (in no particular order). And I just might break each one of those down based on my own particular experiences.


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