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I’m Not Surprised

Although I’m not surprised this happened, I’m still rendered speechless by it and I can’t formulate a coherent response right now. However since I’m slightly late to the conversation at hand, plenty others have been able to speak on this for me – and quite eloquently I might add.

Last month on July 23rd to be exact Kevin Roose in an article for NY Mag titled “Dumb Money: Exposing Silicon Valley’s Stupidest Investments“, had this to say as a kick off intro for his article:

“Some of tech’s clunkers never get off the ground, but others manage to get big, high-profile investments despite having no redeeming qualities whatsoever. (For example, what kind of genius decided to throw $1.2 million at NaturallyCurly, the ‘leading social network and community for people with wavy, curly and kinky hair?’)

Ooopsies My Dear. In case you are wondering Kevin is a white male. I can’t tell you what was going through his mind when he decided to call out NaturallyCurly as an example of a stupid investment. I also think he wasn’t expecting the backlash he did get as evidenced by his “updated” article to include some sort of explanation at the end. Looks like he still has no clue.

The response to his article from BlackGirlLongHair.com includes a rebuttal response from TextureMedia (the company that runs NaturallyCurly.com) CEO Crista Bailey which she says in part (trying no doubt to school Kevin):

“As the straight-haired CEO of TextureMedia, parent company of NaturallyCurly, I thought I would share a few facts about the size and engagement of this market. The first is that approximately 60% of the world has textured hair (waves, curls and coils). That’s a lot of people — close to 80 million textured hair females 18+ in the US alone.

Combined with other brands in the TextureMedia portfolio, NaturallyCurly serves close to 2 million unique visitors every month who appreciate having an engaged community platform to share and learn more about products, stylists, photos, trends, hair health and more.

Women with textured hair spend 3x more on average than their straight-haired peers.”

Poor Kevin shoulda done his homework.

The response to his article from MadameNoir.com says it best I think. Especially the blurb included from Racialicious.com:

“Roose’s thoughtless (and factless) comments illuminate some of the problems in Silicon Valley, namely that the space is controlled by people who are fairly myopic. If this market isn’t something they understand or participate in, it doesn’t exist. And these kinds of perceptions create an environment in the marketplace that disadvantages minority/women fronted businesses seeking investment to create products for their communities.

There is an ignorance around the actual needs, size, and profitability of markets outside of the usual scope. This, on its own, is not a problem – CEOs and Founders can educate investors as to the opportunity and the potential.

But these casual disses and incorrect assumptions poison the well – one would hope that investors aren’t influenced by bad reporting, but these perceptions create a climate where businesses aimed at markets that are not white males are automatically marginalized before they even step into the room.

Worse still, most of these folks will never bother to check and see that their assumptions are wrong. And they will never fully understand why the atmosphere in Silicon Valley doesn’t change.”


Ok maybe now I can toss in my two cents without frothing at the mouth and passing out from sheer blind anger. At least I’ll give it a try.

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We sometimes forget that the March on Washington (1963) culminating in Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech,was primarily about economic equality. Civil rights and freedoms yes, but what good is freedom when you can’t put food on the table?

So I ponder these things today and wonder (like I always do) if my Birth Mother was there on that historic day.


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My previous post was a last ditch effort to keep me from completely losing it. It worked for the most part. You know, keep busy, do some research, try to ignore you feel like hibernating for 6 months etc.

Well in continuing on with my personal quest for knowledge, I watched this documentary: GasHole (2010).

I just want to weep for the Tragedy Of It All, I really do. I had known a lot of what this film talks about, but really I didn’t have the whole picture. Now that I do, I’m going to try to work some of the madness out for myself, so I can actually consider sleeping instead of staring out of the window and wondering if we are going to make it.

So this post is a personal journey, but also one I hope you can take with me. But I’ll say it again: Watch, Buy, Rent, Netflix WHATEVER that documentary. What I cover here will only be bits and pieces (the ones that affected me the most), and you need to (like I did) to see the complete picture.



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I’m sick, feverish and generally feeling like I need a vacation somewhere tropical and warm. So to cheer myself up I decided to put together a list of the fabu eco-electric-green-hybrid vehicles that are out there RIGHT NOW for you to check out.

I tried to avoid listing concept cars, because really people: we need this stuff off the drawing board and in our driveways YESTERDAY. No shilly. No shally. Just DO IT.

They are in no particular order or anything, I’m way too miserable for ordered coherence. I’m just saying stuff and posting links if I gottem. You decide which when its time for that new car. Ok.


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Save The Planet?

ok NO, see.

Look people. The Earth is going to be just FINE.

Its US we need to be worrying about. Notice Earth Day came and went without a peep from me. United Earth Planet Association (the cool nick for this blog) isn’t so much about saving the planet.

I’m as Green as I can manage, and wish I was tooling around Tucson in a Tesla, but I do all that not to save the Earth, but to help save Human Beings. If we trash the planet – oops oh well, its the only one we got and we all can’t go live on the Space Station.

If we trash the planet: it will recover. WE might not be around, but Momma Earth can take a lickin and keep on tickin. So if we become United as Human Beings and take care of the place in which we live, we might have a fighting chance of not going the way of the dinosaurs.


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AIG Whut??

Last year when I first heard about how badly AIG had fooked up and went begging to Washington for money (and got it) I was a bit peeved.

Now they are on Bailout Numero Quatro and since I’m a bit iffy on the tax paying thing anyway, I swear I just might not file this year. Cuz its “the taxpayers dinero” that’s going to pay these squidjits.


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This is my post in response to and as a reaction to watching CNN’s Black In America. I missed part of the first night, but was able to see all of the second. I’m glad that CNN decided to show this again, as I aparently missed it when it was shown last year, I guess.

Anyway I have to say most of the segments were pretty painful to watch. It isn’t a wonderful feeling to see people talking about experiences that echo those from my own life. So in order to help process those feelings and get them off my chest, I’m going to write, write, and write!

It may not be pretty, it may not be cohesive, it may not make sense to you, but hey that’s what blogs are for isn’t it? I get to have my say and you get to read it. Only if you wanna ;)


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Ze Bool Sheet

The Bank CEOs are getting grilled by Congress today. Good! And about dang time if you ask me. I’ve been listening in via CNN (mais bien sur!). And I’m again forced to struggle against my Pacifist upbringing and Buddhist training.


Pardon ma franglais but what fricken world are these guys living in? And I quote in so many words with my unique flair for the dramatic:

(in regards to buying that new corporate jet) “Um well I guess we just didn’t adjust to the new world. We wont actually buy the jet now. I’m like so sorry and stuff. We dint realize things had changed and peeps would be miffed if we bought a jet on their dime.”



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Ignorance Is Bliss


As we all know I’m now a certified CNN addict. Well  now I’m keeping an eye on the President’s economic stimulus package, and how its being recieved by both Dems and Reps.

Well I’m having issues! Some of these peeps are stretching both my Buddhist training and my Quaker upbringing. I have always told my friends that the world is pretty darn lucky I’m a pacifist. There would be some seriously snapped necks otherwise.

Or at least slightly bruised necks. I keep my fingernails short for computer work, so there’s another plus.

Oh Em Gee! Okies I’m not going to break down the whole dang package, but there’s one part of it that I practically cheered when I saw it. The part that wants to allocate  $100K on family planning and contraception for lower income people.

This Republican dude, bless his heart – (I’m trying to stay NICE here, work with me!) stood up in congress and stated for all the world and everyone’s mamma to see: how he just could not see how family planning and contraception was going to stimulate the economy.



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