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Go Palestine!


I’m rooting for ya!

Palestinian UN Bid Gets Thumbs Up.

But THEN!!

Israel continues its bullying ways.

There’s more

Reactions to this on Global Research site.

The Fine Print from AlJazeera.

aaaaand we all know which way the US voted on this *facepalms*. This was a missed opportunity to put politics ASIDE and do the RIGHT THING for once. Israel doesn’t need backing from anyone. They seem to be doing just fine bombing women and children “back to the stone age” all by themselves. Its way past the time we extricated ourselves from that whole thing.

I guess that was asking too much.

There’s more but you know how to use google I’m sure.


For those of you who dunno:

1. I’m not anti-semitic. I’ve kept my mouth shut on this for YEARS because as a Black person, the second you say something bad about Israel suddenly you hate Jewish people. See the vid on my previous post to know exactly where I’m coming from on this issue.

2. No, I’m not Muslim. I’m a Buddhist actually. But why can’t I just be a human being who wishes that intense human interactions could be conducted fairly and without bullying and bloodshed?

3. Yeah, I voted for Obama and I’m pissed off at him and my government and they need to come correct on Israel like yesterday. Those nekulturny dunderheads over in Norway or Sweden or wherever the heck it is that awarded him the Nobel PEACE prize…*shakes head sadly*


and this is what was really going on


If you don’t know, now you know.


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Today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s actual birthday. Tomorrow will be the official Martin Luther King Jr Day: A floating federal holiday celebrated (The third Monday of January every year) on or near MLK’s actually birthday of January 15th.

If you don’t know Now You Know

What I learned today in getting the links for this post is the high profile role Arizona played in the already known issues (blocking, legislation shenanigans, plain outright racism etc) that cropped up trying to get this holiday in place. And yep you guessed it, that sad sorry presidential hopeful John McCain was right there leading the way. I really need to get out of this State. Its karma is killing me softly.


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I’m Vaping, Dude

I’ve had a lot bottled up and have about 12 blog posts lined up in my mind… but hey these days I do what I can when I can.

This post had to be done in order to mark down the when and where of me starting (again!) down the road towards a nicotine free life.

The plan has been (for awhile, actually) to start out by hopping off cigarettes and on to ecigarettes – electronice cigs – and go from there.


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Yes They DID


One Baddie Dictator Out,

(na na na na, na na na na, hey hey GOODBYE)

LOTS of Freedom: IN


Here’s hoping!

Good Luck Egypt, and Congrats!!!

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