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Can’t Get This Song Out Of My Head

No One by Alicia Keys

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While my computer (Old Betsy III) was down for the count for awhile, I had plenty of time to think about a subject that has been curling around my brain and my heart for all of my life and becoming increasingly to the forefront these days.


And what the heck are we gonna do about it.

As soon as I was able to Netflix again, I treated myself to a lecture from His Holiness the Dalai Lama called Compassion in Emptiness. While I am a Buddhist, I’m not a Tibetan Buddhist, but when the Dalai Lama throws down, I’m always there to listen. I always learn something.

Interestingly enough, this teaching he gave was about how to maintain compassion and achieve inner (and outer!) peace in these modern times. (I believe this was filmed during a 3-day symposium somewhere in New York back in 2011.) I was struck dumb when here was this religious leader talking – with some urgency – about how the secular path was the way to go for us to achieve peace in our time and to ease conflict with dialogue. He was very clear about why he was saying secular instead of the religious path.

You see if we try to have a sit down with people (or someone) from differing faiths, it takes a whole lot of effort and sometimes drama to even get to the starting point of having a dialogue – sometimes never – due to the conflicts that arise – already proven my dears – between differing religions.

So instead if we go the secular route – seeking dialogue, and end to conflict, an achievement of peace outside the realm of religion – we have much better opportunities for success.

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Why must we be the ones to do all the teaching? I’m struggling through some tough stuff right now and I tell you I’m just plain tired. I’ve asked myself this question often enough during my life and I’m officially figuratively – and literally perhaps too – stepping down from the teaching pulpit.

See its always women who have to do the teaching about how people are supposed to treat women. Its always the brown people throwing multicultural seminars and events. I think its high time and well past the time that those that are doing the mishandling and oppression step themselves up and start taking responsibility for teaching what is the right thing to do.

I know there are puh-lenty of men out there who don’t mistreat women, who don’t consider women to be second class citizens, who don’t agree with policies like unequal pay for equal jobs etc and so on. But that is NOT enough. You need to step up and take it further. It is not enough to simply exist on the side of what is good and right. It is time to actively teach your sons these things and make sure they understand them, and know that they too need to stand up in turn and keep the cycle of education and action going forward.

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And in my heart to be sure. She died way before her time 6 years ago this coming Friday, February 24th. Octavia E. Butler is who I aspire to be like. To have my heart and soul on pages and have them duly and often awarded. But there is only one Octavia and I must find my own way to be the writer I want to be. I can and continue to use her works as my inspiration and of course for the pure unadulterated JOY that comes over me when I curl up with one of her books.

This is the first time I have been able to write and even think coherently about her passing. It all seemed like such a senseless and wierd way for the First Lady of SciFi (IMO) to end her days. And all way way too soon. There has been a hole in my heart for these past six years, and well since I don’t get the luxury of being able to grieve as I should be able to – Teh Bipolar can kick in if I give way to strong emotions ok – I’ve never really said my goodbyes. I guess this blog post will have to do.


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Truthsense is a word and a concept I got from one of Orson Scott Card‘s novels. It gave me a name for that feeling when I know, absolutely know that something is Right and True. I think we all have that Truthsense inside of us. That moment when things just click together and a big neon sign lights up in your mind with the words: Yep, Dat Iz Da True.


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About February

About February

Black History Month

Gemstone: Amethyst


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All Is One

There is no separation. There is nothing that is apart from everything else. When we stray off the path, it is because we have forgotten this basic thing. When wrongs happen, when worlds collide when galaxies tilt and spin the other way: it is because we have forgotten this basic thing.

The planet provides. For every sting of the hornet, there is the mud along the river bank to soothe and draw the poison. For every Winter there is a Summer and when the old tree dies there is a seedling growing there out from the loam of its parent’s demise.

The planet is perfect and we a part of its perfection until we forgot that we are a mere cog in the wheel, and sought to own the perfect humming machine that is Nature.

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He Made Me Cry

He Made Me Cry

Here in the darkness
As night turns toward the morning
And the half moon sits tilted like a bowl
The stars of the Milky Way pouring

I heard his words and read them
And my heart pounded
My mouth curved into smiles
Tears making their way down my face

He made me cry

With his simple honesty
His searching desire
For Truth, The Way and Freedom
It was Beautiful

As the heavens wheeled above me
And my thoughts whirled
I felt a healing begin
And my Universe became complete

He made me cry

I knew him with my Heart
And finally now with my Mind
Bells ring and the Third Eye sees all
How Brave!

He made me cry

Simplicity, Love, Yearning
Responsibility, Openness
Fight, Beyond, Forever
Being, Beauty, Always

He made me cry.

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Joy, Happiness



Peace on Earth

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42 years ago something absolutely FABULOUS happened:

I was born!

This is a very special birthday for several reasons:

1. Biologically every 7 years our body completely renews itself. Do the math: I’m reborn! Nifty, neh? (who knows, maybe I’ll get it right this time lol) ;p

2. The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything = 42

3. I’m still here :)

Others who were born on November 9th:

Dorothy Dandridge (1922)

King Edward VII (1841)

Benjamin Banneker (1731)

Lou Ferrigno (1951)

Sisqo (1978)

Hedy Lamarr (1913)

Carl Sagan (1934)

Elijah P. Lovejoy (1802)

Tom Fogerty (1941)

If some of those names aren’t familiar to you: utilizer la Google n’est ce pas?


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Happy Bday Pac-Man!

The game that some of us know and love from way back in the day turns 30 today!

How do I know this?

Go to Google.com and see for yaself LOL

You can also play pacman (omfg for FREE!) all day there.

Leave it to Google to make me grin and feel all giggly inside when as of late the clouds on my horizon have been gray and full of storms.

Lets see if I can remember the name of the ghosts without googling (ha!) for em:

Inky Blinky Stinky Pinky?

Pinky Blinky Inky and Bob?

haha well have a great day everyone :)


Nother light at the end of my not so happy camper tunnel: Teh Parental Units are comin to my neck of the woods for a visit next week.


Looking forward to that: MUCHLY I can tell you that fer sher :D


Hello and howdy to my readers from: India (!), Hong Kong, Germany, France, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic.

Not to take away from you all in the US and UK: but I Know Who YOU Are already ;)p

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My Michael


Your music, passion for world causes, and your enigmatic dancing will be missed.

Click To Watch Michael Sing Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

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The shooting at the holocaust museum and the subsequent reactions have reverberated around the world and back again. I had some pretty strong feelings about it myself naturally; and I even chastized CNN for concentrating so much on the killer and notsomuch on the victim(s) and even the museum and what it stands for.

My buddy Rick Sanchez (who’s show on CNN coordinates nicely with my lunch hour) put forth the idea that we should at least focus a bit on the shooter, so that we could learn about what makes him tick, how he came to be able to do what he did etc whatever; I guess so we might educate ourselves?

Ok, no see. First of all. America has a pretty sick history with glorifying our bad guys. I just did not want to see this idjit getting equal press with the good guys. Especially because his life was initially saved by Black EMTs and though listed as being in critical condition, he just might pull through to reap the benefits of a higher public profile. I’m just sayin, like. When and where do we draw the line?


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A Gift For Mothers

Moms love getting flowers on Mother’s Day :)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Bo Obama Debut

Sasha and Malia finally have their promised pooch!

Bo is a six month old Portuguese water dog and watching him frolic with the First Family on CNN was a treat :)

Bo First Dog

Bo First Dog

 Awwwww ain’t he cute? Reminds of when we got Amanda the family dog and when I got my puppers. The Obamas have never had dog before so they all have their work cut out for them.

Now the First Family is complete :)

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