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And in my heart to be sure. She died way before her time 6 years ago this coming Friday, February 24th. Octavia E. Butler is who I aspire to be like. To have my heart and soul on pages and have them duly and often awarded. But there is only one Octavia and I must find my own way to be the writer I want to be. I can and continue to use her works as my inspiration and of course for the pure unadulterated JOY that comes over me when I curl up with one of her books.

This is the first time I have been able to write and even think coherently about her passing. It all seemed like such a senseless and wierd way for the First Lady of SciFi (IMO) to end her days. And all way way too soon. There has been a hole in my heart for these past six years, and well since I don’t get the luxury of being able to grieve as I should be able to – Teh Bipolar can kick in if I give way to strong emotions ok – I’ve never really said my goodbyes. I guess this blog post will have to do.


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