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Just want to thank all you Fam and Friends who got out there and ROCKED THE VOTE! Who all saved the day: Record numbers of Black voters, young voters, WOMEN, and the Latino voters who are a force that every politician needs to reckon with from here on out.

Really great day for my LGBT peeps too so YAY!!

That is the Sweet. Here comes the Bitter.


Very bad taste in my mouth. I’m a Black Woman in America. I’ve had to deal with racism in so many different ways all the time, every day. Nothing new. Unlike those squigits talking about “post racial America” I figured there would be a backlash to Obama’s election the first time around and I was right, but I wasn’t expecting the racists to be so unashamed about it. That was the only surprise.

Actually no. I was surprised that they went and created a whole political party/faction around their racism and even won major seats in our governing body running primarily on their racist agenda and little else.


I want to share with you some of the stuff that got thrown around in the last four years. Maybe you missed it, maybe you’ve forgotten some of it. I think we need to remember and never forget. Because until this country deals with its deeply rooted origins of white supremacy and racism we will not make it.

~That young Black man shot by police officers on the eve of Obama’s inauguration. Nothing new there, Black men are shot and killed by the Po-Po all the time in this country. Business as usual no matter who is president.

~Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates arrested in his own home. Suspicious behavior called in by a neighbor. Gates got off lucky. Black, male and “suspicious” is a death sentence these days.

~Just ask Trayvon Martin. Profiled, hunted down and shot point blank. Murdered because he was Walking While Black.

~New York has a wonderful Stop and Frisk Program going on right now. Blacks and Latinos are being targeted nearly exclusively. Watch THIS VIDEO to see exactly what is going on there. Apartheid much? More on this LINK HERE.




~A Spanish magazine features The First Lady of the United States of America as a partially nude SLAVE on their cover.

~RNC attendees throw peanuts at a Black camerawoman and shout “this is how we feed the animals” at her.

~That racist agenda I was talking about? There are so many examples, but Tim Wise gathered nearly all of them in one place. If it walks and talks like a duck… Happy perusing! He’s got even more if you’re not sure I’m telling the truth on this.

That is called Southern Strategy. It is old and nothing new. In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to the Republican Party strategy of gaining political support or winning elections in the Southern section of the country by appealing to racism against African Americans.


This is what you do with a Black male to keep him in his place. You never acknowledge him being an adult. You infantilize him. You always call him “boy”. And if he still gets too uppity you chop off his foot or castrate him and lynch him from the nearest tree and then set his body on fire when you’re done.

Did you hear GOP elected officials, surrogates and pundits calling Obama “a child” and saying things like “let the adults handle things” or refer to his policies as “infantile”? Well I heard them, and those words were not chosen idly.

Obama being hung in effigy via a noose got so commonplace I barely twitched an eyelid. Many got creative and started hanging empty chairs after the RNC, and this past Halloween brought those wannabe lynchers out in droves.


What was your response to seeing the President of the United States showing his long form birth certificate? Were you slightly miffed that all “that birther nonsense” had gotten that far? Click below and experience what that was like for Black America to see the leader of the free world being asked to show his papers.



If this is still confusing to you, then this will help make things very clear:



The GOP and its members tells people like me things like this:

Black kids better off during slavery than they are today because back then they had a two parent family.

Slavery was actually a blessing for Black people!


And now we come to the response of white America to the results of Election 2012. We got The Donald calling down a Jihad on Democrats. We got people on facebook and twitter talking about how they are going to ditch out of the USA and move to Canada. Or Australia. Might want to research up a bit before ditching, cuz Australia: “for all you Americans talking about moving here, our PM is a single atheist female, we have national healthcare and mandatory voting.” Best tweet evar.

Speaking of twitter here are just a few of the torrential gushing of racist posts in reaction to Obama’s win.

Another comment I copied from the web:

My homegirl Noelle said one of her co-workers facebook status this morning was:

“I guess fried chicken will be free all day today. Congrats”


Like I said, America has a serious problem and it didn’t just crop up because we had the audacity to elect a Black president that first time. Or this time around again. There is the institutionalized and systemic racism and there is the racism of the citizens themselves.

I am in less danger than say Doover or my son – I might survive walking down the street or being deemed “suspicious”. I might survive my next doctor’s visit, or I might be considered trash and ignored and be LEFT TO DIE. Little Black kids playing and driving their go-carts COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED simply because the color of their skin made them a target.


You don’t get to skip off from responsibility like that woman did, nearly killing those children and not even getting a ticket much less arrested. Something needs to be done to get this country turned around and living up to its true potential.

I know there are civil rights groups and what all that you can turn to to help with this huge project.  You were a bunch of damn hypocrites to think all was right in our world because look we did a good thing and elected Barack in 2008. You can’t even cry the same game this time around, because the alternative was so disgusting, pretty much anyone damn else would have been the better option.

You should thank the GOP and their Southern Strategy machinations for bringing the racism out into the foreground. Now you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist anymore. That its really “not that bad actually”. You have to begin to understand what the real America is. I know its heartbreaking. Trust me, I know. You want to believe that the America you THINK should be or WISH should be is – but the reality is much more sobering. But they say that the Truth shall set you Free. So why not start there?

Be warned. This sort of thing will happen a LOT when you confront a white person with their own racism:

“…whites’ chronic misunderstanding of the nature and mechanisms of racism so we hear racists calling out minorities for being racists for calling racists out on their racism”.

Don’t get caught in that web. Refocus, bring things back around. Think of it like AA – once you acknowledge the problem – that is the first HUGE step and you are ready to get to work and change your life, other peoples lives and hey our country and maybe the world?


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Oh Holy Night


I have mercy on your ears… Here is Pavarotti to make it all better :D

See this is what happens when Los Gatos waketh me up at the crack of the crack of dawn ;)

Happy Holy-Days!

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I know I made a promise to certain people that I would write at least one post a month here.

So life happens and things don’t get written. Oop. Oh Well.

So I figured what the heck its my birthday: I might as well use that as an excuse to jump back into the saddle.


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When I reach a point of ouchyness I am lucky that certain things come into my life to help me get back to The Real Me. I have always believed that human beings are here to be happy. The lot of mankind is not to suffer. So when I’m suffering I tend to get caught up in a loop. But like I said lucky for me: I get what I need when I need it.

As I’ve been packing up my library in readiness to move, I get to visit with books that I haven’t read in awhile. I have actually been searching for one particular book: Stranger in a Strange Land; but have yet to find it. (most likely I’ve already packed it up!) Lately I’ve been in a turmoil about many things link with my up and coming move and I have reached out to get help sorting it out. But until my next therapy appointment, I have to figure out how to get through each day.

And wow! As I was helping Teh Kitteh find her favorite toy I unearthed Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. You may know him by his singular book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Both books are here on my books list too.

So I sat down and decided to read this book. I got to remember that so much of this book was very Buddhist and I also got to remember how much I enjoyed testing my mind in trying to grasp the principles. And since I have last read this book, I have encountered The Secret (also listed here) and I was struck by how similar many of the concepts in this book were to those in The Secret.

Like I have listed the Earthseed phrases, I will list here the phrases that are discovered in this book’s Messiah’s Handbook Reminders for the Advanced Soul.

While you may not get the full power of these phrases, they fit together with the storyline of the book, for those that have read this book will understand why I still want to share them :)

I have bolded the phrases that rang like a morning bell in my soul


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Today is a very moving day for me. I’m stuck between my tendency to Not Go Outside and being a part of A Day Of Service. So I sort of did both. I looked up on USAservice.org to see what stuff was going on in my local area.

The only thing that I felt I could actually do was to go out and pick up trash and garbage in the streets and put it in its proper place. I thought about that as I went on my compromise “service” errand ~ paying off some outstanding bills in person (I know its at cheat but hey I do what I can); and I looked at the streets in my neighborhood. Scoping out for trash. Well I guess a group had already gone through or I just never noticed how clean the streets are here. Its the thought that counts isn’t it?

The good thing is that Barack said he expects us not to just do this Community Service thing today. But to extend our efforts for years to come. That made me feel better about skipping out on stuff today. I get the chance to renew my determination to Help Out.


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I’m Thankful that I know this: “Dying is easy. Its Living that’s hard”.
And because I know this, I’m Thankful that my heart still beats, that my lungs still draw breath. That for the most part I have my health, and I’m alive and kicking.

That might seem trite to some who don’t know me. But when you’ve faced the (choice) of either living hard or dying easy: those words are not trite at all.

I judge not those who took the (“easy”) way out. Trust me on this. I’ve closer to that precipice that I like to think. I know the depths of despair that comes along with that choice.

I’m Thankful that Green Is In. That everyone is fighting so hard to show themselves to be the Greenest of the Green. It didn’t used to be that way. You had to go around the mulberry bush to get people to Think Green.


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