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Merry Winter Solstice Everyone!

I’m excited and happy that I’m alive to welcome the beginning of the next Baktun, the next 5,125 years cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar:

The Fifth Sun Cycle.

Many non-Mayans have believed – and cashed in on to be perfectly honest – that December 21st, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Since Mayan calendars are all wheels or circles, there is no beginning and there is no end as we usually perceive such things – there are nesting circles and spirals and as one era or count “ends” it simply rolls into the beginning of the next count cycle.

Let us be absolutely clear that the Maya tell us their calendar does not end on 21 December 2012.  Rather, a long Mayan calendar cycle of just over 5,125 years finishes, and on the next day a new great cycle of 5,125 years begins.  If you are interested in the fine details, this 5,125 year cycle is equal to the following Mayan units of time: 13 Baktuns, or 260 Katuns, or 5200 Tuns, or 1,872,000 Kin (days).

The breathtakingly harmonic calendar works as wheels within wheels within wheels that keep turning.   The great cycle ending on Winter Solstice 2012 began in 3,114 BC and is called the Fourth Sun by the Maya.   There were three Suns before the Fourth Sun and there is another one coming…the Fifth Sun.

To get more specific, the Fourth Sun actually ended on 16 August 1987, a day marked by the worldwide ceremonial event known as Harmonic Convergence, and we have been in a sort-of 25 year gestation period leading up the Fifth Sun.  On 21 December 2012 we finish this transition period and on 22 December the Fifth Sun is born, a new 5,125 year era that will be governed by a balance of male and female energies.  The Fourth Sun was governed by male energy.” (source)

I know not everyone is as space-happy and starbound as I am, but with my twin obsessions interests of space and anthropology, I for one cannot deny the spiritual and scientific import of the documentation of space-time from these fiercely accurate time-keepers. I’ve ever been open to world views and quests of the spirit from those that came before us. Never do I dismiss what they have to say simply because they did come before and are “ancient” in our linear perception of time. Back in the day, I celebrated the Harmonic Convergence in my own way, and I intend to celebrate this particular solstice in like fashion.

I decided nearly a year ago on New Year’s eve that I would turn on and tune myself during 2012 towards listening and understanding and making sure that I keep myself open to all the possibilities that this new era could bring. Quantum Physics have already touched on the power of human mind and thought and shown us that much of what IS exists due to the interaction, focus and attention of human perception.

I choose to be a part of the endless spinning of planets, galaxies and stars. We are indeed stardust and I try to remind myself of that everyday. That there could be hope for balance, for truth and Awakening in the dawn of this new era brings me comfort and peace.

To at least make the effort to align myself, my pure self, my essence my Spirit, my inner energy with the advent of a chance to renew, to regain, to come home, to settle, to instill within myself the strength of cosmic distance and the intimacy of space and time – well that makes my heart sing and makes diamonds out the tears I’ve shed for us on this little blue-green marble.

I will take my few moments and joyfully greet the sun as it rises tomorrow. I will pace the frigid dust of this desert and give gratitude and thanks as I breath in the crisp Winter air on that morning. I will dance in my own way on the next day on the Birth Day, on the first day of the Fifth Sun Cycle.

“…the arrival of the Fifth Sun will not be an “Aha” moment and that changes will be gradual.  After 21 December 2012 four periods of thirteen years each through which we will grow into the Fifth Sun.

We will have thirteen years of infancy in our new way of being on the Earth (2012 to 2025), followed by 13 years of toddler-ship where we are just learning how to walk (2025 to 2038).

Then we will have 13 years of adolescence (2038 to 2051) followed by 13 years of young adulthood (2051 to 2064), and then we will have matured into our new way of living in harmony.” (source)

I would love to be alive to experience all of those footsteps along the pathway to fully realizing the potential of the Fifth Sun. I’m realistic about my health and the personal choices I make, and some key elements of those don’t add up to me living to the ripe old age of 96. However, I could make some key changes that would lead me to extending my life, and who knows that the future might bring. Our children and their children will be here to experience all of these things and I give Blessings to us All that we might see and live as much as we each possibly can.

As you hold your family tight and celebrate the joys of this special time of year, send out a thought, a prayer – take a moment from the hectic speed of days – and capture even just a little part of the heavenly harmonics that will sustain you and yours well into this New Baktun, this Happy New Era this exciting new age of Balance, Birth and Potential.

Understand that while there might be barriers like the speed of sound the speed of light to us touching the farther reaches of our galaxy and our universe, there is nothing that blocks the way and the velocity of the speed and power of thought and prayer.

When the light of Earth’s star bathes my face and tickles my smile I will send my thoughts my prayers to you and may you feel them and bathe in them like the warm rays of Sol and know that I am thinking of you and love you and that I share with you my Joy, Hope and Happiness for our future.



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Peace On Earth by Kathleen Scarboro

My birthday wish in these wild and crazy times

Is simply to have everyone I know

And everyone I meet

Take just one thing – Peace – and see how they can create MORE

Of it within their own lives and in the lives of

Everyone they know

And everyone they meet.

Maybe it will grow and spread and change lives

Like that movie Pay It Forward touched so many people

And made people realize

That it is up to us – individuals – to lessen the Hate

Eradicate the prejudice, and for the sake of

All our souls – end the killing and work towards rebuild.

If I could have my wish this year

I would wage Peace on each and every one of you

Peace of mind, Peace of spirit, Peace of heart and soul

Peace in the true sense of the word

A dignity for life on this planet and our responsibility

To know what the right thing to do is

And to do it.

My birthday wish is for Kindness, Compassion and Respect

To be the way we treat each other

Peace be with you

And also with you.

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Just want to thank all you Fam and Friends who got out there and ROCKED THE VOTE! Who all saved the day: Record numbers of Black voters, young voters, WOMEN, and the Latino voters who are a force that every politician needs to reckon with from here on out.

Really great day for my LGBT peeps too so YAY!!

That is the Sweet. Here comes the Bitter.


Very bad taste in my mouth. I’m a Black Woman in America. I’ve had to deal with racism in so many different ways all the time, every day. Nothing new. Unlike those squigits talking about “post racial America” I figured there would be a backlash to Obama’s election the first time around and I was right, but I wasn’t expecting the racists to be so unashamed about it. That was the only surprise.

Actually no. I was surprised that they went and created a whole political party/faction around their racism and even won major seats in our governing body running primarily on their racist agenda and little else.


I want to share with you some of the stuff that got thrown around in the last four years. Maybe you missed it, maybe you’ve forgotten some of it. I think we need to remember and never forget. Because until this country deals with its deeply rooted origins of white supremacy and racism we will not make it.

~That young Black man shot by police officers on the eve of Obama’s inauguration. Nothing new there, Black men are shot and killed by the Po-Po all the time in this country. Business as usual no matter who is president.

~Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates arrested in his own home. Suspicious behavior called in by a neighbor. Gates got off lucky. Black, male and “suspicious” is a death sentence these days.

~Just ask Trayvon Martin. Profiled, hunted down and shot point blank. Murdered because he was Walking While Black.

~New York has a wonderful Stop and Frisk Program going on right now. Blacks and Latinos are being targeted nearly exclusively. Watch THIS VIDEO to see exactly what is going on there. Apartheid much? More on this LINK HERE.




~A Spanish magazine features The First Lady of the United States of America as a partially nude SLAVE on their cover.

~RNC attendees throw peanuts at a Black camerawoman and shout “this is how we feed the animals” at her.

~That racist agenda I was talking about? There are so many examples, but Tim Wise gathered nearly all of them in one place. If it walks and talks like a duck… Happy perusing! He’s got even more if you’re not sure I’m telling the truth on this.

That is called Southern Strategy. It is old and nothing new. In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to the Republican Party strategy of gaining political support or winning elections in the Southern section of the country by appealing to racism against African Americans.


This is what you do with a Black male to keep him in his place. You never acknowledge him being an adult. You infantilize him. You always call him “boy”. And if he still gets too uppity you chop off his foot or castrate him and lynch him from the nearest tree and then set his body on fire when you’re done.

Did you hear GOP elected officials, surrogates and pundits calling Obama “a child” and saying things like “let the adults handle things” or refer to his policies as “infantile”? Well I heard them, and those words were not chosen idly.

Obama being hung in effigy via a noose got so commonplace I barely twitched an eyelid. Many got creative and started hanging empty chairs after the RNC, and this past Halloween brought those wannabe lynchers out in droves.


What was your response to seeing the President of the United States showing his long form birth certificate? Were you slightly miffed that all “that birther nonsense” had gotten that far? Click below and experience what that was like for Black America to see the leader of the free world being asked to show his papers.



If this is still confusing to you, then this will help make things very clear:



The GOP and its members tells people like me things like this:

Black kids better off during slavery than they are today because back then they had a two parent family.

Slavery was actually a blessing for Black people!


And now we come to the response of white America to the results of Election 2012. We got The Donald calling down a Jihad on Democrats. We got people on facebook and twitter talking about how they are going to ditch out of the USA and move to Canada. Or Australia. Might want to research up a bit before ditching, cuz Australia: “for all you Americans talking about moving here, our PM is a single atheist female, we have national healthcare and mandatory voting.” Best tweet evar.

Speaking of twitter here are just a few of the torrential gushing of racist posts in reaction to Obama’s win.

Another comment I copied from the web:

My homegirl Noelle said one of her co-workers facebook status this morning was:

“I guess fried chicken will be free all day today. Congrats”


Like I said, America has a serious problem and it didn’t just crop up because we had the audacity to elect a Black president that first time. Or this time around again. There is the institutionalized and systemic racism and there is the racism of the citizens themselves.

I am in less danger than say Doover or my son – I might survive walking down the street or being deemed “suspicious”. I might survive my next doctor’s visit, or I might be considered trash and ignored and be LEFT TO DIE. Little Black kids playing and driving their go-carts COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED simply because the color of their skin made them a target.


You don’t get to skip off from responsibility like that woman did, nearly killing those children and not even getting a ticket much less arrested. Something needs to be done to get this country turned around and living up to its true potential.

I know there are civil rights groups and what all that you can turn to to help with this huge project.  You were a bunch of damn hypocrites to think all was right in our world because look we did a good thing and elected Barack in 2008. You can’t even cry the same game this time around, because the alternative was so disgusting, pretty much anyone damn else would have been the better option.

You should thank the GOP and their Southern Strategy machinations for bringing the racism out into the foreground. Now you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist anymore. That its really “not that bad actually”. You have to begin to understand what the real America is. I know its heartbreaking. Trust me, I know. You want to believe that the America you THINK should be or WISH should be is – but the reality is much more sobering. But they say that the Truth shall set you Free. So why not start there?

Be warned. This sort of thing will happen a LOT when you confront a white person with their own racism:

“…whites’ chronic misunderstanding of the nature and mechanisms of racism so we hear racists calling out minorities for being racists for calling racists out on their racism”.

Don’t get caught in that web. Refocus, bring things back around. Think of it like AA – once you acknowledge the problem – that is the first HUGE step and you are ready to get to work and change your life, other peoples lives and hey our country and maybe the world?

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I’m voting for Obama this time around for many of the same reasons I did the first time around. What are those reasons? (In no particular order, really):

1. He’s a black guy with roots in Chicago, the city I was born in. I can relate.

2. He’s of African descent – Kenyan no less, where I spent years of my life as a kid. I can relate.

3. I’m a dyed in the wool Democrat and will vote that way until my dying breath.

4. The candidate in opposition seems almost nightmarish and yes a bit cartoonish too, like you can’t believe what comes out of his mouth is actually real.

5. I want a president I can be proud of on the foreign policy front. Both Bushes cut a swath of disrespect, hatred and ignorance across the the wide world of geo-politics. Don’t want to go there again.

6. First Lady Michelle. Nuff said. ’bout time we had a FLOTUS with some damn oomph. Last time we came close was with Hillary. The Bush wives? Sitting around in your pearls and polishing the Lincoln China does not a first lady make.

7. Plain and simply I want to stick it to those people who are having serious racial issues about a black guy being in the white house. It would be fun to make them have to confront those issues again for four more years :)

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While my computer (Old Betsy III) was down for the count for awhile, I had plenty of time to think about a subject that has been curling around my brain and my heart for all of my life and becoming increasingly to the forefront these days.


And what the heck are we gonna do about it.

As soon as I was able to Netflix again, I treated myself to a lecture from His Holiness the Dalai Lama called Compassion in Emptiness. While I am a Buddhist, I’m not a Tibetan Buddhist, but when the Dalai Lama throws down, I’m always there to listen. I always learn something.

Interestingly enough, this teaching he gave was about how to maintain compassion and achieve inner (and outer!) peace in these modern times. (I believe this was filmed during a 3-day symposium somewhere in New York back in 2011.) I was struck dumb when here was this religious leader talking – with some urgency – about how the secular path was the way to go for us to achieve peace in our time and to ease conflict with dialogue. He was very clear about why he was saying secular instead of the religious path.

You see if we try to have a sit down with people (or someone) from differing faiths, it takes a whole lot of effort and sometimes drama to even get to the starting point of having a dialogue – sometimes never – due to the conflicts that arise – already proven my dears – between differing religions.

So instead if we go the secular route – seeking dialogue, and end to conflict, an achievement of peace outside the realm of religion – we have much better opportunities for success.

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Most of you know by now that for me, it isn’t so much about “saving the planet” but more about saving ourselves. I’d like at this time to take it to the next level. The only thing that is needed in order to make the revolutionary change that is needed for our survival is for each and every one of us to make a very important mind-shift. Once that is achieved, you can go out and spread that mind-shift like a contagion and insure for us not only our species survival but put us back on the path to evolving into our next incarnation.

Because yes, that is the key thing: Due to our current mind-set and the behaviors and actions subsequently taken under that aegis, we have effectively taken ourselves out of the evolutionary running.

The first step is to read the book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Then read it again. Then get everyone you know to read it. You’ve probably heard about books that “will change your life”. Well this is the real deal. If you are able to, make that crucial mind-shift after you’ve read this book.

Here’s a small taste. Most you won’t be able to understand what I’m saying, (and you won’t really until you get ya read on) and that’s ok because I hope that that inspires you to get cracking on that book.

1. Humankind, that is us, that is Homo Sapiens Sapiens is not the pinnacle, the evolutionary end, the end product, the ok we can all stop now cuz OMG we are HERE! (jellyfish anyone?) <–read the book you’ll know what I mean ;)

2. Our destiny is not to own the earth, or conquer nature, or to erradicate, subjugate anyone or anything that gets in the way of our “progress”.

3. The world was not created to be our oyster. Meaning the planet was not created for us to use as we see fit.

4. We were not created to be the rulers of the earth.

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My previous post was a last ditch effort to keep me from completely losing it. It worked for the most part. You know, keep busy, do some research, try to ignore you feel like hibernating for 6 months etc.

Well in continuing on with my personal quest for knowledge, I watched this documentary: GasHole (2010).

I just want to weep for the Tragedy Of It All, I really do. I had known a lot of what this film talks about, but really I didn’t have the whole picture. Now that I do, I’m going to try to work some of the madness out for myself, so I can actually consider sleeping instead of staring out of the window and wondering if we are going to make it.

So this post is a personal journey, but also one I hope you can take with me. But I’ll say it again: Watch, Buy, Rent, Netflix WHATEVER that documentary. What I cover here will only be bits and pieces (the ones that affected me the most), and you need to (like I did) to see the complete picture.



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I’m sick, feverish and generally feeling like I need a vacation somewhere tropical and warm. So to cheer myself up I decided to put together a list of the fabu eco-electric-green-hybrid vehicles that are out there RIGHT NOW for you to check out.

I tried to avoid listing concept cars, because really people: we need this stuff off the drawing board and in our driveways YESTERDAY. No shilly. No shally. Just DO IT.

They are in no particular order or anything, I’m way too miserable for ordered coherence. I’m just saying stuff and posting links if I gottem. You decide which when its time for that new car. Ok.


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Save The Planet?

ok NO, see.

Look people. The Earth is going to be just FINE.

Its US we need to be worrying about. Notice Earth Day came and went without a peep from me. United Earth Planet Association (the cool nick for this blog) isn’t so much about saving the planet.

I’m as Green as I can manage, and wish I was tooling around Tucson in a Tesla, but I do all that not to save the Earth, but to help save Human Beings. If we trash the planet – oops oh well, its the only one we got and we all can’t go live on the Space Station.

If we trash the planet: it will recover. WE might not be around, but Momma Earth can take a lickin and keep on tickin. So if we become United as Human Beings and take care of the place in which we live, we might have a fighting chance of not going the way of the dinosaurs.


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I’m WAY excited!

Thanks to Obama’s back to school/Education Loans WHATEVER thingy I was able to get ALL my courses paid for: WOOT!

I’m studying Health Information Technology and later towards the end of my Assoc Degree I can even branch off into Medical Transcription/Billing.

I’m so pleased!

This is going to allow me to (finally!) get a gig that is on the cutting edge of what’s needed. Since the health care industry is going to be revamped with an eye on high tech and digitizing information.

What’s not to love?


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The End Result

Been doin a lot of thinking lately. Usually I think a bit, then write a bit and so on. But I’ve been thinking a lot, and writing notsomuch, but also reading a bunch too.

What I’m trying to figure out is really nothing new:

How in the sam hill did we get to where we are now, and what the heck are we going to do about it?

I fear to tip my hand in this post, but you know what, I don’t really care if I offend. The time for sitting idly by and being polite and politically correct has long since passed.

We are at a point in our human history where it comes down to live or die.

I’m pretty sure it wasnt the polite fish who hauled itself out of the ocean and decided to take a stroll on the beach. Just saying, like. Live or die. Live or die. Live or die. Evolve or drown in the sea of forgotten history.


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I know I made a promise to certain people that I would write at least one post a month here.

So life happens and things don’t get written. Oop. Oh Well.

So I figured what the heck its my birthday: I might as well use that as an excuse to jump back into the saddle.


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Where Is My Vote?


Seeing those signs being held high in the post-election protests in Tehran brought back a lot of the pain and confusion I felt 4 years ago after dubya got re-elected.

I wondered the same dang thing. Culturally, Americans don’t “take to the streets” unless its something seriously important. Like winning a basketball game or something. Ok I’m being cynical, but ever since the 60’s came and went, political protests in this country have always been too little, too late in my opinion.


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The shooting at the holocaust museum and the subsequent reactions have reverberated around the world and back again. I had some pretty strong feelings about it myself naturally; and I even chastized CNN for concentrating so much on the killer and notsomuch on the victim(s) and even the museum and what it stands for.

My buddy Rick Sanchez (who’s show on CNN coordinates nicely with my lunch hour) put forth the idea that we should at least focus a bit on the shooter, so that we could learn about what makes him tick, how he came to be able to do what he did etc whatever; I guess so we might educate ourselves?

Ok, no see. First of all. America has a pretty sick history with glorifying our bad guys. I just did not want to see this idjit getting equal press with the good guys. Especially because his life was initially saved by Black EMTs and though listed as being in critical condition, he just might pull through to reap the benefits of a higher public profile. I’m just sayin, like. When and where do we draw the line?


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I’m just saying, like.

Whether you’re a disgruntled Democrat or a rebellious Republican…

You must understand that Barack Hussein Obama is not messing around.

What he envisions for America will come true.

If you do not understand what I’m talking about, take a gander at this guy’s life story. This human being did not get to where he is by accident. Whatever he wants in his life: he gets.

Whatever he invisions for himself, his family, our nation: will come to fruition. Mark my words.

I’m calling it as I see it, and if it turns out I’m wrong, then I’ll own up to it.

But I’m not wrong.

And you will see.

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